2016 Church In Fort Myers Report

The following is a letter to the Florida churches written by the brothers in Fort Myers:

Dear Brothers,

Greetings from the church in Fort Myers,

The purpose of this email is to give you a report of what the Lord is doing here in Ft. Myers especially after we finished our third FTTA Gospel trip week during the last week of January [2016].

We thank the Lord for the supply of the body, thru the GTCA Gospel trip of 2014 we were encouraged to pray and coordinate for the Lord to have His way here in this city, and in October 2014 we took the ground and we started our first Lord’s Table Meeting as the church in Fort Myers.

During the second GTCA Gospel trip of 2015 the campus work at FGCU was strengthened, and we started our first Bible Study of the Book of Acts in the Campus. during this Bible study we were able to meet once a week for lunch and study of the Bible every Thursday, then after few months more students were open to meet and we started to meet at the campus twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays). During this time a consistent group of five students and three serving ones gathered together every week at the campus.

Praise the Lord, now after the conclusion of this GTCA 2016 Gospel Trip during the last week of January, a number of 117 students are open to be contacted again and they gave us their information for further contact: of this 117 students 8 new ones came to our first Bible Study of this semester covering the book of John.

Now we are meeting at the campus three times a week to accommodate the students schedule and their open desire to participate in the study of the Bible. Until this week we covered 7 chapters of the Book of John (having lunch, reading and sharing one chapter every time we meet) and 5 new students were added to the the group so now there is a total of 10 students and 3 serving ones attending the Bible Study every week, and three college students now are participating in the normal church life and attending the regular meetings of the church.

We believe that what the Lord is doing in this campus is because the prayer, fellowship, coordination and support from all the churches  for the Lord to gain and expand His testimony here in Fort Myers for the Building up of the body of Christ.

Saints we really need the body and we cannot stand in this labor just by us locally,  and for this reason we the Brothers in Fort Myers feel the burden to share these words [to all of you] of the situation here especially in the campus work, we really need your prayers and support and we are open to have more fellowship regarding the way how to continue laboring for the benefit of all the body.

Please continue praying:

  • For the oneness and the one accord among the local saints
  • For the follow up of the contacts at FGCU, that the Lord would gain some remaining fruits for His testimony
  • For the finances needed to cover all the practical arrangements
  • For the Lord to strengthen His testimony in Fort Myers by burdening some saints to migrate to Fort Myers
  • For more information and testimonies of the FTTA Gospel trips in Fort Myers Please visit:


Much grace to you all!

The Brothers in Fort Myers

[edited for clarity]

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