Ft. Lauderdale Messages

The following are audio recordings from Messages given by Ron Kangas in Ft. Lauderdale in November of 2011. Golden Lampstands - Ron Kangas Ft. Lauderdale Resumption Download: Message 1 The Light of Life, the Building, and the Multiplied Embodiment and Expression of the Truine God - Ron Kangas The Golden Lampstands - The Testimony of Jesus Download: Message 2 … [Read more...]

Holy Bible Recovery Version

Holy Bible Recovery Version (Black) Description: Text with embedded outlines, footnotes, cross-references, charts, and color maps Size: 10 x 71/8 inches (bonded leather) Catalog #: 01-005-001 ISBN: 0-7363-2420-8 Price: $100.00 … [Read more...]

National Conference

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Video Training

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International Conference

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Full-Time Training

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A Blessing

When I was six years old I remember vividly asking the Lord to come into me. I was 12 years old when I was baptized. Because I grew up in the local church that was all I knew. However, as a young person I didn't really appreciate it. It wasn’t until I moved away to college and stopped meeting for a while that I began to miss the Lord’s presence which I had experienced in the local church. The saints cared for my well being in a genuine, real way. Outside of the church it seemed like no one … [Read more...]

A Wonderful Change

Praise the Lord Jesus! I have been meeting with the church in Miami for 2 years. I arrived after a long search looking for the Truth about the Word and the Lord Jesus. I have a denominational background but never had what I have now. What a treasure!!! What a day-to-day feast with Watchman Nee’s and Witness Lee’s teaching! Food for Life! My life has changed 100% and I live my life now in the Lord Jesus. I was saved through the Internet by a Christian brother from Irving, Texas who had the true … [Read more...]