Southeast College Conference Fall 2016

Saints, Here is the link for the Audio messages and songs for the Christian Students Fall 2016 Southeast Conference held in Atlanta, GA on Oct. 21-23, 2016. The title of the Conference is: The Wonderful Savior & His Dynamic Salvation (1). #SECCfall2016   … [Read more...]

Labor Day Southeast Blending Conference 2016

Saints, here is the information for the upcoming Labor Day Southeast Blending Conference 2016 in Jacksonville, Florida. Download or click the PDF info, here. To listen to the Audio messages and Outlines, click here.   … [Read more...]

2016 European Young People’s Conference

We are pleased to announce the 22nd European Young People’s Conference in Poland! The conference will take place in Małe Ciche, as in previous years, and will last for six days, from Friday 29th of July to Thursday the 4th of August, 2016. Please note that we have had to change the dates of the conference this year due to a large international event taking place in the area at about the same time. Young People – Attendance Age The conference is open to … [Read more...]

Visit Israel 2016!

Why visit Israel? If you love the Bible, visiting Israel is an inspiring and enlightening experience that should not be missed. Sitting at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa much of the Old Testament and New Testament took place in Israel’s hills and valleys, towns and cities. This land, the holy land, the land of the Bible, is steeped in history and significance and is waiting to be discovered by you. JJ Travel JJ Travel is inviting the saints to visit Israel and Jordan as well as to … [Read more...]

Videos of the Children’s Work Conference 2016

The Videos of the Children's Work Conference given by Br. Tom Goetz, the weekend of February 6-7, 2016. The saints in South Florida gathered together in the church In Miami Meeting Hall in a blended way to fellowship concerning the Children Work. Message 1 Message 2 Message 3 Message 4 Q&A Fellowship For the … [Read more...]

2016 Southeast College Conference

Hallelujah!! The College Age Students & Serving Ones will be gathering in Athens, GA for the Southeast College Conference. The topic of the Conference will be: The Gospel of the Kingdom. To go to their website for Registration and more information, click here. A word to the College Age Please view this link concerning the importance of attending Christian Conferences:  WHY YOU NEED TO GO TO CHRISTIAN CONFERENCES. Excerpt: "Attending Christian conferences gives the Lord an … [Read more...]

Photos from the Weekend Conference w/Br. Tom Goetz 2016

On February 6-7, 2016 Brother Tom Goetz visited the church in Miami and the neighboring churches to give a conference concerning The Children's Work titled: RAISING UP THE NEXT GENERATION FOR THE CHURCH LIFE. This was a wonderful time for gathering & blending. For the Audio and Outlines of this Conference, click here. … [Read more...]

2016 Tom Goetz North Florida Conference

The following are Audio recordings and Outlines from Messages given by Tom Goetz in the church in Jacksonville in January 28-31, 2016 concerning the Children's Work. The topic is RAISING UP THE NEXT GENERATION FOR THE CHURCH LIFE. Message 1 / Outline 1 Message 2 / Outline 2 Message 3 / Outline 3 Message 4 / Outline 4 LORD'S TABLE SHARING For the Tom Goetz 2016 Miami Children's Work Conference, click here.   … [Read more...]

2016 Tom Goetz Miami Conference Messages Outlines

The following are the English & Spanish outlines in PDF format of the 2016 Children's Work Conference given in Miami on February 6-7, 2016. MESSAGE 1 1 - Sanctifying Ourselves for the Sake of the Children [ENGLISH] 1 - NOS SANTIFICAMOS POR EL BIEN DE LOS NIÑOS [ESPAÑOL] MESSAGE 2 2 - Compiling Lessons that Build up a Proper Humanity [ENGLISH] 2 - RECOPILAR LECCIONES PARA NIÑOS QUE LES AYUDEN A FORMAR UNA HUMANIDAD APROPIADA Y LOS GUÍENA UN DISFRUTE APROPIADO … [Read more...]

2016 Tom Goetz Children’s Work Conference in Miami

The following are Audio recordings in 3 languages (English, Spanish, and Chinese) and Outlines from messages given by Tom Goetz in the church in Miami in February 6-7, 2016 concerning the Children's Work. The topic is: RAISING UP THE NEXT GENERATION FOR THE CHURCH LIFE. Message 1 English / Español / Chinese OUTLINES: ENGLISH & ESPAÑOL Message 2 English / Español / Chinese OUTLINES: ENGLISH & ESPAÑOL Message 3 English / Español / … [Read more...]