Lord’s Day Open Fellowship: The Compound Spirit

The church In Miami: Open Word Fellowship, blending with South Florida Churches On Lord's Day (Sunday) May 1st, 2016, saints in the churches in South Florida gathered together for the Lord's Table Meeting in Miami, a time of fellowship on the Compound Spirit, and to enjoy a Love Feast together afterwards. This recording is by brother Tito G, the opening word to start the general fellowship of the saints. The speaking portion is from: The Holy Word for Morning Revival, Crystallization of … [Read more...]

10 Points for the Whole Body

These points were recently transcribed from a message by brother Ron Kangas, then printed and made available to the saints. See below to view. To download the PDF, click here. 10 Points for the Whole Body We need to see the vision and have a clear view of the temple of God and the divine, mystical ream. We need to have real experience of Christ as the material for the temple. Enjoyment of Christ follows and is based on the experience of Christ. We need to actually … [Read more...]