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A Wonderful Change

Praise the Lord Jesus!

I have been meeting with the church in Miami for 2 years. I arrived after a long search looking for the Truth about the Word and the Lord Jesus. I have a denominational background but never had what I have now. What a treasure!!! What a day-to-day feast with Watchman Nee’s and Witness Lee’s teaching! Food for Life! My life has changed 100% and I live my life now in the Lord Jesus. I was saved through the Internet by a Christian brother from Irving, Texas who had the true love in the Lord to fellowship with my son and myself for many months without asking anything in return. “Just love the Lord Jesus and open your heart to Him” were his words. “Love Him with all your being”! That is what we are here for…, nothing else. I have found my home in the local church. I feed on the Living Bread and now live the real LIFE God intended me to. I am a vessel to contain Him and nothing else! Amen!

I now know so many Christian sisters and brothers here in my local church with this same genuine love for the Lord. We come from all walks of life and many different neighborhoods but we love being together and meet many times a week to fellowship and be together like the Lord Jesus loves for us to be. In the Body! We love His gatherings, for He brings us together in His name and not our own!

Praise the Lord for the local churches and the dear Christians, Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, who gave their lives to the Lord unto death!! Thank You Lord Jesus that Your Word and the recovery of your children has always prevailed and will now even increase until Your return when we shall all see You face-to-face at last!!!

Carol Laughlin

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