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2019 European Young People’s Conference


The dates are: July 28th – August 3rd, 2019

Young People – Attendance Age

The conference is open to young people aged 13 to 19. There will be two meetings based on age. The younger group will be for young people between the ages of 13 and 15 and the older group will be for young people aged 16 to 19.

Shepherding Serving Ones

There is a need for shepherds to care for the young people. Any brother or sister 23 years old or older who has a burden to help can apply to attend. It would also be helpful to contact your country coordinator to have some fellowship about the time. Some experience of serving with young people is preferred but not necessary. There needs to be one shepherding serving one for every three young people.


Young people aged 20 to 22 who wish to help strengthen and support the conference, either serving with the young people or in a practical way, can also apply. These applications are not automatically accepted, but are considered according to the need. Your country coordinator will let you know if you have been accepted.

Parents and Children’s Conference

This year there will also be a conference for parents and children, which will run concurrently. The purpose of this will be for the parents to get into the fellowship regarding raising up the next generation for the church life, and for the children to be with other children from all over Europe. Children aged 4-12 may attend the children’s conference if registering with parents/guardians. Space will also be provided where parents can care for children who are younger than 4. Please visit Parents and Children’s Conference announcement page for more information.

The registration deadline is 2nd of June 2019. For more info, and to register for the upcoming EYPC, click here.

*All info above are from the website.