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Cancellation of the 2020 Fall Term of the FTTA-MA


Dear saints,
Due to the unforeseen rapid spread of the Coronavirus early this year, we had to suspend the Training after only one week into the spring term, on March 16, 2020. Many trainees who traveled from abroad to attend the Training had to return to their home countries that very week. Although we were reluctant to see the trainees leave, we were constrained to comply with the government shelter-in-place order and cancelled the entire term of the training. 
As we consider the coming 2020 fall term of the Middle-age Training, we have been praying and looking to the Lord for a clear direction. We considered several options and presented these options to the responsible brothers who oversee the Living Stream Ministry. After some prayer and fellowship, we have made a decision not to resume the in-person training until spring 2021. Although the government is gradually opening up the in-person gatherings of churches, we feel in order to protect the saints, especially those who are in the more vulnerable category, it would be safer not to conduct the live training until the pandemic situation is well under control. And since the Middle-age Training in Anaheim does not have an online program, to develop one at this point may not be feasible both from the stand point of time and from the cost point of view. 
As much as we desire to resume the FTTA-MA this coming fall, we feel we should honor the feeling of the Body and to do our best to protect the well-being of the saints for the sake of the Lord’s interest on earth.
In Christ,
Middle-age Full-time Training in Anaheim